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Pastry and dessert shops with a quality taste are few or far between. Sweet Red Peach offers not just a variety of mouthwatering desserts but delicacies that are made from scratch. Our custom-made cakes and pastries leave a lasting impression with our clients that keeps them coming back! One of our primary values is our connection to the pastry and dessert enthusiast community. We pride ourselves on enhancing the bakery experience for first-time visitors and dessert fanatics by providing excellent personalized service. This has led us to accelerate in the market and solidify our place as a reliable dessert shop brand.

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Accelerate your career and tap into our successful business model by joining our family as a franchisee! We are offering a storefront franchise opportunity. Prospective locations should be at least 1200 square feet to 1800 square feet. The initial investment for a Sweet Red Peach franchise can range from $148,950 to $345,500 and includes a one-time franchise fee of $27,500. Your initial investment will go towards covering many of the essential expenses associated with opening a Sweet Red Peach franchise location, such as furniture and fixtures, the initial inventory, and the construction of any leasehold improvements.

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Sweet Red Peach has developed a successful business model that requires minimal training. With two sections, classroom and on-the-job, we’ll guide you through any challenges that may come up from operating a business. The classroom section, which is 40 hours, will walk you through everything you need to know about the brand. In contrast, the on-the-job training section, which is 200 hours, will give you a more action-oriented approach and walk you through our daily operations.

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